McMaster’s Scholarships/Honours Awards are automatic and do not require a separate application. Scholarship values are based on a student’s final admission average.

Bursaries are granted on the basis of financial need. Applications are available in AwardSpring in mid-August.

Loan/grant programs like OSAP, as well as those from other provinces and the U.S., can help you pay for school.

Finding part-time employment on campus is a great way to offset some of your university expenses. At McMaster, we offer our students a wide range of opportunities to earn a few extra dollars while gaining valuable work experience.

Work programs are available to students who demonstrate financial need. Highlights include:

  • More than 1250 jobs on campus throughout the year

  • Employment available in over 110 departments across campus

  • Positions range from administrative support, customer service and athletic coordinators to research support

  • Fall/Winter work program applications are available in AwardSpring in mid-August

McMaster University is proud to participate in Project Hero, an initiative co-founded by Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Reed and Retired General Rick Hillier to provide support to the sons and daughters of Canadian military killed while serving in an active mission.

Learn more about Aid & Awards for Indigenous students here.

Parents and family are often the first resource that many students turn to in order to fund their university education. Families often pre-arrange Registered Education Saving Plans to help cover the cost of a student’s education.

In the event that you do not qualify for government financial assistance, commercial loans (available through your personal banking institution) might be an option worth considering. For more information on these types of loans, please visit your local credit union’s or personal financial institution’s website.